Kimberly Baydarian, M.D.

My patients have called me the unprescriber of medicines. Learn what led me to become an expert in combining traditional medicine with natural medicine, and the healing that is possible.

Hear my story.


"Dr. Baydarian was the first doctor in a long time that really listened."

"I'm happy to say I've lost 30lbs and have never felt better in my adult life."

"Dr. Baydarian has helped to untangle my symptoms and find the root cause of my ailments. Seeing her was the best decision I have ever made for my health!"

"I honestly cannot say enough good things about Dr. Baydarian."

"We searched the entire east coast for a doctor who had the knowledge, experience and willingness to assist in treating the disease rather than just the symptoms of the disease."

"My A1C results were 7.8 in December of 2017 . . . in 6 weeks, my A1C dropped to 5.4!"

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"The best thing you will ever do is believe in yourself and your possibilities."
Vibrant Health is Possible

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