Who is Functional Medicine for?

In my experience there are three groups of people that seek out functional medicine and they are the following:

People who desire optimal health and longevity

This group wants to avoid diseases that their family or friends have developed. They want more information about their health status than what is offered in the traditional system. For this person, being told they have a normal cholesterol level and normal thyroid function is not enough.

Functional medicine can provide advanced testing that is not offered in the traditional system, such as evaluation of your stress hormones, gut microbiome, mitochondrial function, detoxification pathways, neurotransmitters, nutritional status, and more.

People with symptoms and no diagnosis

This group is not sick enough to have a definitive diagnosis, but these people do not feel well. They are lost in the current medical system often seeing multiple specialists but have no treatment plan for recovery. They wonder if there is an alternative to prescription medications that only treat their symptoms. Functional medicine offers advanced testing to get to the root cause of symptoms. When the body gives us a symptom it is communicating, stopping to listen, and correct the imbalance will often lead to healing.

People with a diagnosis who want to look for the root cause

This group is either contemplating starting prescription medications or is already on them. They often wonder if there is an alternative or what the long term effects of the medications will be on their body.

Just like the previous group, functional medicine offers advanced testing to get to the root cause of symptoms and disease.

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