"I honestly cannot say enough good things about Dr. Baydarian. She has completely helped to turn my health and life around. After a health crisis following a surgery in early January 2015, my health and happiness deteriorated quickly. I made several trips to my primary care doctor who sent me to many specialist and was treated with many prescription drugs. Each medication seem to fix the a symptom but the side effects were never ending, not to mention I was taking more pills than I ever imagined at my young age. Dr. Baydarian has helped to untangle my symptoms and find the root cause of my ailments. She set me up with a manageable supplement regimen and motivated me to address lifestyle changes to support better health. Seeing her was the best decision I have ever made for my health! Thanks to Dr. Baydarian!"


"My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease. We searched the entire east coast for a doctor who had the knowledge, experience and willingness to assist in treating the disease rather than just the symptoms of the disease. It is rare, in my experience, to have a doctor who will take the time to listen to your concerns and try to treat an illness with something other than a pill. Dr. Baydarian was the first doctor we found that was actually interested in healing my daughter, not only by keeping the disease from progressing but through fixing the damage the disease had already caused. My daughter is healthy, happy and thriving under her care. I believe that we are healthier both physically and emotionally as a family since our visits with Dr. Baydarian. I sincerely trust her, her medical knowledge and her judgement."


"Dr.Baydarian was the first doctor in a long time that really listened to all my symptoms and history and took them seriously. I had been trying for years to find out what was wrong with my health and to fix it and this was the first time someone could explain how all my symptoms were linked, and most importantly a way to help. I haven't felt this healthy in a very long time and I give Dr.Baydarian a lot of credit for that."


"Doctor Baydarian you are a damn good doctor! Thank you for your service to this practice and to me. Your blend of tough love and care/concern is so valued and needed. Your care encourages me to take better care of myself and to explore more healthy natural ways to care for my body. "


"Over the course of the past two years, Dr. Kimberly Baydarian has dramatically improved my life for the better. Her holistic approach to healing and well being helped wean me off prescription medication and reduce my dependance on alcohol as a stress reliever. By prescribing a plant based diet, meditation, and targeted use of vitamins and natural supplements, I'm happy to say that I've lost 30 pounds and have never felt better in my adult life. Dr. Baydarian's presence, calm demeanor, and her passion for treating patients instead of treating symptoms has had a profound impact on my own view of well being and I can not recommend her highly enough."


"I have been a patient of Dr. Baydarian for 7 years. When I first met her I did not feel well. I was tired, sluggish, and experiencing significant swelling in my feet, ankles, and legs. My blood pressure was elevated as was my cholesterol."

"Dr. Baydarian took the time and interest to listen to my story, my family history, my challenges both personal and professional. She listened...... She took time to get to know me and what my health goals were. Together we developed a plan to get me to good health. We set healthy weight goals. Because my blood pressure and cholesterol were significantly elevated she prescribed some mediations. All the while Dr. Baydarian was very encouraging , indicating that if I met my health goals, the medications would decrease, which they have, and eventually stopped. Dr. Baydarian educated me with simple changes. smart earring habits exercise, and don't forget drinking plenty of water. Simple changes that yielded great results.....lowered blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels, and the swelling in my extremities are gone! Dr. Baydaran also shares resources and videos that offer great advice and were relevant to my specific needs and concerns. She;s encouraged me with breathing exercises. I can now actually reduce my blood pressure and stress with simple deep breathing exercises."

"A few years ago my husband also became a patient of Dr. Baydarian's. He was experiencing significant health issues, which included atrial fibrillation, morbid obesity, high blood pressure, labored breathing , congestive heart failure and mobility issues. Dr. Baydarian began an intensive course of treatment for him. Over the course of a year he became a changed person. Over half of his medications are no longer necessary, he's at a health weight, no longer requires breathing treatments, or asthma medications, participates in exercise classes and is able to walk an entire mile without labored breathing or pain! To quote Dr. Baydarian... "He is living not just existing!""

"I am eternally thankful for Dr. Baydarian's educational caring manner. She manages the health of the individual and does not force medication when healthy behaviors will achieve the same or better results."


"My trust in Dr. Baydarian as my primary care physician for the last 8 + years led me to follow her advice when my A1C results were 7.8 in December of 2017. I had never thought about a plant based diet reducing someone’s A1C. However, I followed her advice and began my plant based diet on January 1, 2018, supposedly for only 6 weeks."

"In those first 6 weeks, my A1C dropped to 5.4! I was amazed at how well I felt and that I had lost not only the 'maybe 10 Pounds' she indicated, but was on my way to a 15 pound weight loss."

"After 14 weeks, I’ve now lost 21 pounds (averaging now about a pound per week) and continue to enjoy my vegetable based diet. To those who believe a vegetable based diet is too restrictive, believe it’s as creative as you’d like it to be! I can only speak for myself, but weighing 6 weeks on a vegetable based diet to reset my A1C and clear my pancreas was so worth it when you compare it to the other option of spending the rest of my life managing diabetes with drugs."

"My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Baydarian for her support in helping me to find a healthy lifestyle!"


"The best thing you will ever do is believe in yourself and your possibilities."
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