What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine utilizes a different philosophy of treating and preventing chronic disease. Functional medicine doctors see the body as an amazing orchestra of organ systems which are interrelated and working together. We seek to identify the root cause of symptoms rather than just treating the symptoms of disease. Functional medicine aims to identify even the earliest signs of organ dysfunction and intervene before disease or dysfunction develops.

The goal of any treatment program is to optimize the function of the body systems so the body can repair and heal naturally.

How does functional medicine work?

In my functional medicine practice I rely heavily on spending time with you and taking a complete health history. One of the biggest differences between functional medicine and traditional medicine is the amount of time spent with you during an office visit and also the time spent analyzing your history forms and test results outside of the office visit. After I review your history form and we meet for your new patient visit, I will have a more complete picture of your personalized health needs. In my practice I like to start with a full evaluation of your body systems. This information will be used to create a wellness program that will follow you over the coming months. I use traditional testing and specialized functional testing to identify what organ systems need support. If any dysfunction is identified, I use lifestyle changes, diet prescription, supplements, and prescription medications to support your body’s natural ability to heal.

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