Thank you so much for your interest in functional medicine! I am very excited to get to know you and to help you attain optimal health! Please read through the following information to better prepare for your visits and our time together. Many thanks for your time and preparation and I am very much looking forward to meeting you in person.

How to prepare for your new patient visit?

  1. Please gather pertinent health information from previous doctors and either send through the patient portal, fax, or mail so it can be reviewed prior to your appointment.
  2. Please fill out your new patient functional medicine intake form (even if you were my patient in the past you will need to fill out a functional medicine intake form).
  3. Please create an account with Practice Better in order to access the patient portal. A link will be sent to your email when you schedule your new patient appointment.
  4. Please plan to arrive a few minutes prior to you appointment. I will do my very best to see you at your appointed time.

How to prepare for your follow up visit?

  1. Please obtain all labs and imaging tests ordered from the prior visit
  2. Please check your prescription medications for number of refills so we can address your refill needs at your follow up appointment. Please note that I am not available every day of the week for refills.

What to bring to your appointment?

  1. Please bring any medical records you were not able to send prior to your appointment
  2. Please bring all medications and supplements
  3. Please bring a notebook and feel free to take notes during our visits

Can you prescribe medications?

I get asked this question a lot. The answer is absolutely yes! Practicing primary care since 2004 has given me a balanced perspective on when prescription drugs are necessary and when more natural options are appropriate. While I do prescribe prescription medications, my favorite thing to do in medicine is to unprescribed or prescribe lower doses of medications as patients heal.

Can you be my primary care provider?

While I love primary care I can not be your primary care provider. This can be confusing for patients as there is often an overlap in the medical problems that I manage in functional medicine with those commonly managed in primary care. The difference is that I am providing functional medicine consultations based on the philosophy of getting to the root cause of disease and ultimately for wellness. If you chose to have me manage the prescription medication for the disease that we are addressing in your functional medicine wellness program, then I am happy to provide you with those specific prescriptions. However, I can not be the prescriber of all your medications especially those medications unrelated to your functional medicine program. For safety purposes, I also recommend that you communicate all changes or modifications of your medications with your primary care doctor.

How to contact the office with questions?

  1. In general medical questions are best answered during appointments
  2. If your medical question can not wait until your next scheduled appointment, please schedule a phone consult or consider moving your appointment to a sooner date.
  3. For prescription refill requests please use the patient portal.
  4. For office logistics and scheduling questions you can send an email to 129Wellness@gmail.com.

Why have you chosen not to participate in insurance?

Insurance does not cover wellness. My entire practice is based on getting you well and preventing future disease. Insurance reimbursement is based on seeing a large volume of patients. This means short visits. Functional medicine is based on getting to know you personally and getting to the root cause of your unique health concerns and getting you well. This can only be accomplished by spending adequate time with you.

Office visits can be submitted for out of network insurance benefits, or to an HSA or FSA.

My labs are back, can you discuss them with me over the phone or by email?

Lab result discussions are reserved for appointments unless there is an urgency or emergency.

I am going to run out of my supplements or medications prior to my appointment, can you tell me if I am going to be continuing on this supplement or medication.


I treat supplements just like the prescription of pharmaceuticals. They should only be adjusted after a proper evaluation at an appointment. Because supplements do not require a prescription, it is my preference that you continue all supplements recommended in your wellness program until your appointment unless you are having an adverse reaction.

Prescription Medications:

If I am the prescribing physician for your prescription medications I will give you enough medication at your follow up visit to last until your next follow up visit. If you are changing pharmacies, or if there was a miscalculation of your refill needs at your last follow up appointment, you can request that your pharmacy fax a refill request on your behalf to 585-312-2259.

My Insurance sent me a bill for my labs and indicated that more codes are needed what should I do?

Bring the bill to your next appointment so we can discuss your symptoms and add any new ICD 10 codes to those that were already submitted. If you need more immediate help, you can contact me through the patient portal.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you must cancel your appointment, please give 48 hours notice. If you are unable to give 48 hour notice, you will be charged 100% of the cost of the service you scheduled. If I am able to accommodate another patient during your missed appointment time, this charge will not apply.

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